April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Fun

What a fun impromptu get together! The Riccobene's and the Duerr's came over for some egg dying fun. I still have the dye in the crack of my table... we live in a state of priorities, and lifting that heavy glass to clean up has not hit the top of the list. We're moving soon, we'll get to it. ;)

A rare moment... Trever and me in a picture together! See, we really do love each other! Nathan sometimes asks, "can we go to Daddy's house?". So sad, but that will change someday soon.
Because what easter egg doesn't deserve some red sprinkles?

Darling girls! Anna Duerr and Gianna Riccobene, Natalie's future partners in crime and fashion!
Natalie remembers the big kids eating in this area on the floor when it was her birthday, she was quick to head down there for dinner. So many signs that she is watching and excited to be "big".
The finished products. I'm so thankful for friends that are willing to throw things together, unplanned and not really prepared. We asked Vinny to run to the store for more vinegar, in true form he came back with two bottles! Love that guy! I'm so thankful that my kids are surrounded by wonderful "cousins" (including those that weren't here for this occasion).

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