September 30, 2009

Red Light - Green Light

We had so much fun playing Red Light Green Light with the kids! This was the first time we played a family game together. The house was full of joyful shrieks and loads of laughter! Trever, Nathan and I each took turns being in control of the red and green "lights". It turned into a bit of a race and game of tag (is that how it is meant to be?). As the game started following some "potty time" the kids are far from decent. I tried to choose pictures that would show the fun without showing too much skin :)

Trever and Natalie running for the win. Natalie ran non stop for about 20 minutes, she just giggled and jiggled all over the house!

Trever caught Nathan. We used a green plate and red slipper for our "lights".

September 27, 2009

Birthday getaway

I have to take a moment to thank Trever for having a birthday (well, thank his parents actually). We used the occasion as motivation to get away for a night. My parents took the kids for a night and we went to the Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal. We stayed there two years ago and I've dreamt of going back ever since. It was just as wonderful the second time around!!

We talked of creating a family tradition of bringing the kids there in the summer, then staying an extra night without them. We also talked about making the outing a birthday tradition. Whenever it may be, I know we'll be back.

We miss the kids, but love our time together. We figure its our gift to them... that we continue to enjoy our time together. We have such a wonderful marriage, I feel blessed every day to have Trever as my partner.

September 26, 2009

Crazy hair

Gagi gave Natalie crazy hair during bath time (this was actually back in February). It's turned into one of our favorite pictures of Natalie. It makes us laugh every time we see it.

My mom actually turned it in for a photo contest at her work, from hundreds of entries Natalie won the grand prize! They blew the picture up really big for us. One of the IT guys also asked my mom if he could use the picture for a monthly mailing, there are so many captions that can go with this pic, especially in the IT world.

Painting together

I braved it and did some painting with the kids. We had so much fun. They each picked out two colors (I might get more brave in the future and allow more colors) and had a blast painting. Then we painted their hands and made hand prints. They were both fascinated by having their hands painted, but actually preferred to have them cleaned off. This made me want to do more crafts/painting with the kids.

The masterpieces were for Daddy's birthday present.

Potty time!!

Nathan has been doing so good being potty trained. He enjoys being a big boy. Recently he decided that Natalie should join him when he goes "pee pee on the potty". He nearly forces her to sit with him at times. She's now a bit more accustomed to the routine (she doesn't actually have to sit with him every time).

Lately when we ask Natalie if she wants to go on the potty she insists that we take her pants and diaper off. She tugs at them and won't sit down until we oblige. Natalie definitely shows signs of needing to do things the "right" way. She closes doors, shuts cabinets, puts things back (sometimes), I'm probably crazy but I'm a little hopeful that she'll be organized!

September 24, 2009

Steam roller

Building a house has provided the opportunity to play on lots of heavy equipment. Nathan sits on the machines and "drives" them. And of course, climbs on them as if they were a jungle gym.

Our darling Natalie

This little girl melts our hearts. She is so amazing. She is full of laughter and love. She watches everything we do and tries to do it just like us (more than we remember Nathan doing). She also idolizes her big brother. She loves to play with cars and balls, is really starting to enjoy books and takes every opportunity to give kisses. Every once in awhile she'll shock us by picking up a baby, and then she promptly drops it back down. She wants to climb, tumble and laugh. I love her eyes in this picture!

September 23, 2009

Mr. George and Nathan

George Ziesemer, one of our neighbors, has a very special relationship with our children. We are so fortunate for his influence. He and Nathan are watching the bulldozer work on our yard. Nathan saw him out there on one knee and went to be with him, making sure he had the same knee down as Mr. George. Cute little buddies!

September 22, 2009

The house is painted

So much is happening right now! This week the house got painted (well, it's almost done). We are getting our yard graded and our driveway rock on Thursday. Friday we'll be installing the ground loop for our geothermal system (we'll have a 300' loop dug in our back yard, hope we have the space :) ).

Next week I'm hoping we have our patio's poured. Then we'll be ready for our yard to be hydro seeded in the second week of October!! My oh my, by the end of October it's really going to look great.

Then it's back to working on the inside. Trever is working SO hard, I swear he never gets a day off. We are so blessed to have him working hard to provide for the family, then working hard to build us a home, then (and definitely not least) he works hard as an amazing husband and Daddy. On Monday we spent time together as a family, it was Trever's first day off (from the other jobs) in 5 or 6 weeks! Needless to say we were all in HEAVEN! Great to be reminded of how much we enjoy spending time together. Someday we will not remember the time away from each other during the build, and we will be left with the joy that we have when together! We are so blessed (which is what we tell ourselves when we're stressed!)

This is the front of the house.

This is our front door, it'll be painted black.

The back of the house, where we hope to have many BBQ's with our friends and family!

September 1, 2009


Trever had a wonderful time going to Sturgis with his family this year. It meant so much to him to have bonding time with his Mom, Dad and brother Justin.

They spent about 4 days riding over to Sturgis, driving through beautiful terrain, including Yellowstone. Then they spent 4 days in and around Sturgis. There are numerous activities happening at all times, I know they got to see Aeromyth (on the same night that Steven Tyler fell of the stage during an Aerosmyth concert). The town is full of bikes and babes. I'm not sure when one is more fun to watch!!

They also spent time riding to nearby sites including Devils Tavern and Mt Rushmore. It was a wonderful and much needed break for Trever. We're so glad he got to take this special trip.

Justin with some babes.

I know this is an important picture, it's Trever, Ken and Justin with the main guy (I think) from OC Choppers, and the guy on the right is the founder of the Hells Angels.
Again, with the ladies. It's amazing what you will see the women wearing, some of them look amazing... I wonder if the others think they do? More power to you!!!
Justin, Trever and Shiela next to one of the great bikes on display.

The larger group at Mt. Rushmore.

Boys will be boys :)