July 19, 2009

Lakefair fun

Charlie and Nathan with an albino python. I stopped a guy that was walking by to see if the kids could touch his snake. They ended up holding it, as well as getting pooped on. Such fun.

We enjoyed the day at Lakefair. Riding the red tricycle around, going to the fountain, going on some rides and spending time with friends. It was a beautiful night for fireworks. The second time this month that Nathan has gotten to stay up until 11pm because of fireworks, and Natalie got another fun night with her Gagi.

July 15, 2009

A great day at Lakefair

We had such a nice family day at Lakefair. Nathan is big enough to go on all the kiddie rides. Unfortunately Natalie isn't. She tried so hard to get herself onto a ride, and we really wished that she could have gone on a ride with Nathan. She may be little but she's definitely capable. I'm not even sure she'll be big enough next year, we'll have to invest in some platform shoes ;)

Nathan was excited when he discovered he could fly the spaceship, making it go up and down.

Our brave little boy on the roller coaster. It's so rickety that I think it would have made me uncomfortable, but I still wish that I could have ridden with him. Last year he enjoyed this (much to our surprise) this year I think it made him a bit nervous, in that curious yet fun way. That moment of watching your little boy go off by himself and climb into the rollercoaster is bittersweet. Is he really growing up already? I know it's a bit silly, but it really felt like a glimpse into the future. Yep, I'll be the mom crying as I leave him at school that first day.

Driving a dump truck. He loves the big machinery when it's at the house, it was fun for him to get a chance to drive some.

Gagi and Natalie. Although she didn't get to go on a ride, she did get lots of cuddle time from Gagi, Daddy and Mommy.

What a fun, sunshine filled day!

July 10, 2009

Natalie riding Nathan's new tricycle

Stealing a ride on her brothers new red tricycle. She wants to be able to do everything that he does.

July 5, 2009

Natalie getting a massage

Natalie is learning the joys of massage. I wish this was a video. She would sit up and think about it and then literally drop back down the the floor.

July 4, 2009

4th of July at Summit Lake

We spent the 4th of July at Summit Lake with Dena, Vinny, Katie, Tom, Jen, Ben, Abby and Cameron... and all of the kids (as well as other friends of Dena and Vinny). It's so fun to get all of the families together. As Jen mentioned, our kids are kind of like cousins. We hope they can share in yearly traditions and create lots of memories together. Natalie had a special night with Gagi and Papo.

Trever and Nathan lighting off the fireworks that Nathan had picked out.
So happy to have the tank and his monster truck.

Getting ready for the fireworks. It's already 9:30pm, it shows on Nathan's face.

July 3, 2009

At the lake with the Riccos

We love it when the Ricco's come to town! We enjoyed two wonderful days with them at Summit Lake. It's a little piece of heaven so close to home. Well, it would be closer to home for them if they would MOVE back to oly!!! ;) (That just fit so well, sorry Dena)

Natalie was being a big girl, like Gianna!

Trever swam out to the floating dock with Nathan. Nathan was so excited to be on his own "boat".

Special bonding time for the boys. Watching them out on the dock together was so heartwarming. Our life is so busy right now, we try to make all of the family time as special as possible. These moments are what life is all about!!!