March 28, 2010

Mom's and Kids Weekend

While the men (Trever and Nathan) worked on our house ... and went for a hike, and went to watch the MMA fights, and watched a movie... don't feel bad for them like all they did was work ;), the kids and I spent the weekend with Beth and her boys. Yes, there was a fair amount of wine consumption by the end of each day.

In case anyone is wondering... 1 mom, 2 kids is not equal to 2 moms, 4 kids. All the kids have so much fun together, and they play well, but I don't remember a time when all 4 kids were sleeping (okay, I guess they were all sleeping between 11pm and 6am - if you don't count the amount of times Nathan gets up in the night). All those projects we were hoping to get done? One got started. :) Maybe next time. Nothing is better than a time with the kids, or at least that is what I hear. I'm thinking Beth and I are going to try a weekend without them sometime and see how it feels. Shopping, relaxing, drinking wine ... it'll be hard, but we'll give it a try.

"Baby NoNo" is on his way to being able to play with the big kids.

A little get away to the park. I took the three older children while Noah slept... Beth got a ton of cleaning done. Then we quickly trashed the house when we got back :)

Watch out boys, she's got the "glance over the top of your sunglasses" trick down already!

The bubbles were a hit (thanks Auntie Dena). We ran out of bubbles before Zach was tired out from chasing them. I love that look of total abandon.

Is there anything better than a beautiful day in the NW? Nattie was out playing in a diaper and boots.
Oh, how sweet!!! Yes, I staged this and asked the kids to hug... but they did it! And twice!

March 18, 2010

Spring Fever

Ahh, beautiful weather! It's tempting to let the kids skip naps on sunny days (tempting, but not realistic). When we get home from running around all we want to do is play outside. I can see lots of picnics in our future...

My darling boy who loves to bring me flowers

Is she really getting this big already???

I think Natalie is sending us a message... oh if that little lawn mower really worked!! I strongly doubt that you will see a picture from this house with the lawn mowed this year. We live in a daily routine of doing only the things that must get done, I can't imagine mowing a lawn is that important when it takes away from play time with the family. We'll look forward to mowing the lawn in the new house!!!

So fun to watch both kids on their bikes. Natalie's bike can haul dirt... so Nathan finds it convenient to "share" his bike with her. :)

March 16, 2010

Natalie is 2!!!

Natalie has definitely been learning and watching during the last few days. She was so excited that today was HER birthday. She woke up to balloons, some flowers from her Daddy and presents from Nathan and us. We didn't need to encourage her to rip into the presents, and she didn't seem to mind when Nathan was helping out. She just beamed with the knowledge that she was the special girl today.

I tried my best to get her into her Birthday dress (a wonderful present from our dear friends, Bud and Carol). Alas, I decided it was her birthday, if she wanted to stay in her PJ's then that's what she would get. Luckily we were able to get her into the dress for the evening celebration. The dress is the most beautiful, girlie and fun dress! What a special present.

Natalie has her own bike! Now she'll have some leverage to be on Nathan's bike (he was really enjoying riding her's tonight).
She's a girlie-girl. Loves to dress pretty, loves dress up shoes (and painted toe nails)... but she's not afraid to play hard while being pretty. Ahh, such a nice balance, I would love to see her keep that balance.

Natalie sat there in full glory while we sang Happy Birthday, she even joined in the singing. And she was actually able to blow out her candles! We cannot believe that she is 2 already!! Where has the time gone? And why does 2 seem so grown up???

March 13, 2010

Capital City Senators

What a wonderful night with the ladies, and our husbands!! I am so thankful it was Marissa's birthday and we "had to go" to a fundraiser for the Capital City Senators.

It's hard to know what to say about this picture. We are obviously having a great time. Those poor high school boys must have been so scared of us! I could not have asked for a better night (although I wish all the girls could have been there).