January 30, 2011

Pictures with Oona, 4 days old

Oona has such a way of capturing natural, beautiful moments.  Doesn't our photo shoot look so peaceful??  It was, kind of.  He pooped on me twice and peed on me multiple times.  Showin' his love for his Mama, not that I would have minded if he had shared some of that love with his Daddy! :)

January 28, 2011

Big Sister Love

Natalie is enjoying being a big sister... kind of.  She hasn't focused too much on Andrew.  But she is gentle and sweet when she remembers that he's around.  We really wouldn't ask for more, we're so thankful that she is secure in her love from us and not feeling jealous.

January 27, 2011

1 day old

Trever's parents took pictures each month with a sign.  When Nathan was born Trever got a bit competitive and decided we would take "1 Day Old" pics.  It's a nod to our appreciation for their desire to document everything. :)

Trever always takes the first nap with the new baby.  So peaceful bundled up next to his newest love.

Andrew's visitors

Andrew brought Nathan and Natalie some nerf guns.  A big hit for them and Papa :)

Gaggy and Papo with their grand babies (there is one more on the way from Mike and Amy!)

We love having visitors come by to meet our little loves. (Jen Houk)

Greg Thiehen
Bree Orr
Uncle Tony
Katie Turcotte
Katie and Beth Spencer

January 26, 2011

Andrew Michael Kissel

Arriving for our induction. It was so strange to set an alarm, get up and be able to get ready for a delivery.  We were so excited to find out who this little bundle would be.

When we checked in the doctor and nurses thought labor would go quickly.  You can't be right every time.  13 hours later (which isn't long per se, but it was my longest and most of the time was spent waiting for labor to begin).

Any wait is worth it.  Our darling BOY was born healthy at 8:44pm

Toasting with the grandparents.

Our sweet Andrew Michael Kissel (it took us a few days to decide on the name... he was Baby Boy Kissel for a bit).

January 19, 2011

Getting close...

About one more week to go!!!

Getting excited to meet the new baby!!! We can't wait for the house to be filled with even more love.

January 2, 2011

Lovin' the nails

It's so fun to watch Natalie developing her "girl" side.  She has graduated to wanting to paint her own nails.