April 26, 2009

Going fishing

Nathan went fishing for the first time. We had a blast helping to pick out his new Spider man fishing pole! We often hear his little voice saying "Spider man, Spider man if he can't do it then no body can" (Trever taught him that one). Our hearts melt.

Papo and Gagi joined us, which was a good thing since Papo is pretty much a professional fisherman. Unfortunately Nathan got to learn why it is called "fishing" and not "catching".

Natalie saw Papo sitting in the grass and walked over to sit like him. He later laid back on the grass and she tried to mimic that as well.

We all enjoyed relaxing on a warm April day.

April 25, 2009

Back on the dirt bike!

Trever was able to get his dirt bike started up yesterday. It's probably been a year since he's been able to spend any time riding. He was like a little kid! He went up and down the driveway and then jumped onto and off of my parents upper yard (luckily there isn't grass yet). Nathan was very impressed watching his daddy. And Natalie loved sitting on the bike with him. I know he is looking forward to a time in the future when he can pick up some of his hobbies again!

The house

Our house is really starting to take shape. Thanks to Trever and his incredible gift to our family. He seems to work tirelessly (unless you see how he comes home and immediately falls asleep! ;) ). Trever works at MIFD and then heads straight to the job site to help build the house. He is learning so much. We are so thankful for all of his efforts, he is really the main reason we are able to accomplish this goal. What a loving husband and father!!

April 12, 2009


Trever is always prepared with extra eggs, just in case a child doesn't get one.

Mommy with her pretty girl.

Papo learning to smile like Nathan

Our pretty little girl in her Easter dress. SO CUTE! And she loved the new shoes, I think she could tell they were special.

April 11, 2009

The salamander

Nathan has always had a love for the outdoors. He has recently discovered a love for the creatures in the outdoors. It started with slugs and snails. Recently we've moved on to worms, then a grub, now he's discovered Salamanders. Poor creatures. ;)

McLane easter egg hunt

Running to look for eggs.
Enjoying his loot
Natalie just wants to walk, and she doesn't want to wait for the official "start" of the egg hunt.

Natalie was so excited about the Easter bunny and Smokey the dog. She's definitely made a change since Santa Clause. She walked right up to Smokey and settled in for a hug. She stayed in his arms for such a long time.

April 6, 2009

Picnic time

Nathan is always asking for a picnic... "Picnic in my room?", "Picnic in Mommy Daddy room?"
"Picnic with Gagi Papo?" (he doesn't use "and" or "s")

Anytime the weather is cooperating we oblige with a "Picnic outside?"

A stolen afternoon with family

The kids on the slide. Nathan comes down, Natalie tries to climb up (and then has to run as she sees Nathan coming)
Daddy's girl... loving the thrill.

Nathan showing me how strong he is, swinging before dropping down the slide.

Our little climber.

Trever is working so hard lately. He is either at the fire station or working on our new house. Unfortunately that leaves very little family time (temporary pain for an amazing outcome). Since it was so nice outside we decided to get some burritos for dinner and go play at the park. Trever was able to join us on his way home. This is what life is all about, the stolen moments.