April 26, 2009

Going fishing

Nathan went fishing for the first time. We had a blast helping to pick out his new Spider man fishing pole! We often hear his little voice saying "Spider man, Spider man if he can't do it then no body can" (Trever taught him that one). Our hearts melt.

Papo and Gagi joined us, which was a good thing since Papo is pretty much a professional fisherman. Unfortunately Nathan got to learn why it is called "fishing" and not "catching".

Natalie saw Papo sitting in the grass and walked over to sit like him. He later laid back on the grass and she tried to mimic that as well.

We all enjoyed relaxing on a warm April day.


Em said...

How fun! It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves. Have a great weekend and God bless.

Riccobenes... said...

That picture of Natalie and your dad is sooooo cute!