November 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

This tree was for Nathan, he found a smaller one for Natalie. I love how a kids brain works... the tree size matches the kid size.

It was pure excitement running amongst the trees... fake tree??? No way!

All done cutting it down. Nathan has a saw just like Daddy (it's the blade cover).

Staying warm in the car while we get the tree on top.

I'm not sure I could love a tree more than one that was decorated by kids. Notice the three balls together on the bottom, then the clump of balls near the middle, their are two giraffes together also (both from Great Grandma Bimmie for the kids first Christmas). I remember when Marissa's daughter, Sam, helped me decorate (she was 3 1/2). All ornaments that were alike went together (firefighter, dogs, angles...). I loved that tree!

A closer look at the shiny balls grouped together on the light strand. I think I counted 16! Normally we don't even use the colored balls. It's priceless.

November 22, 2009

Family Walk

Trever is always saying that I should bundle the kids up and take them to the park (usually his answer when I mention that the kids are tired - ie cranky, or I'm stir crazy, or we haven't done something in a while... it's kind of his answer to all of lifes questions). As I was giving similar advice to a friend recently, it hit me. I never listen to that advice. So, we changed that. Spur of the moment I decided to bundle Nathan up and go for a walk (Natalie was with my parents having a sleepover). We decided to call Trev at work (the house) and see if he wanted to join us. He jumped on the opportunity (freezing cold working by himself v. time with his wife and son????)

There is a great Nature trail along the lake in Olympia. It starts off with this dock along the water and then travels a paved trail with info markers about the plants. Nathan loved being on the dock. Once we convinced him to leave the dock he loved the path as well. He went from marker to marker ("OH! Another name!!") We jumped in puddles and learned about plants that have gone dormant for the winter. It really doesn't take much. I would say the evening was perfect... except that it really didn't feel complete without Natalie.

His lunch box came in handy. he was able to carry his new trains as well as berries and foliage found along the walk.

November 14, 2009

Visit with the Spencers

What a fun weekend with friends. The Spencers (Beth, Nathan, Zach and Noah) came down for a weekend visit. We are so blessed by our friendship with them. Nathan actually asked Beth to arrange for a weekend where he could come help with the house. He and Trev have some great commonalities, they enjoy similar activities and are both hard workers. Beth and I enjoy the craziness of running around with four kids, getting them down for naps and remembering to make the meals. Needless to say, a weekend together is quite nice.

Beth was planning to help me learn to use my camera. What were we thinking? It was so cold out, the kids were definitely not going to hang out for a photo shoot. ;)

One of those priceless moments to catch on camera... skirt tucked into the tights, senior picture??

Oh, did I mention all the dogs?

November 12, 2009

Moments captured

One of those smiles I know I will long to see in a few years... and for the rest of my life. This boy warms my heart. A common question in our house "Mommy, does that make your heart happy" Oh Nathan, everything my babies do makes my heart happy. I am just so happy to have both of them in my life!

Natalie loves to empty this cupboard out and then climb in. She says "door" to have us shut her in. Then she pushes it open with giggles. There is a cupboard in the bathroom that the kids play this game in as well (they both crawl onto their own shelf ... usually naked after a bath). Natalie is so much fun. She keeps us entertained by monkeying around, and she gives loves, kisses and cuddles like no other. She is amazing.

You can just feel the love in this picture

Pure joy

November 9, 2009

Nathan's trip to Alaska

Nathan just went on a really fun trip with Gagi and Papo. They took a trip to Alaska for four days. Staying in Anchorage with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol. Then they took a day trip to North Pole, Alaska to visit Santa's house. What a big boy he is already. My parents had so many fun stories to tell about the trip, many of them highlighting how polite he was (making his parents proud!!). He got home yesterday, and slept for almost 14 hours last night!! We are so thankful that he gets these experiences. In a few years he'll be able to go to Alaska for a fishing trip with Papo and Uncle Steve.

Nathan was really excited to sit in the flight deck.

On the flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks to go see Santa.

Visiting the Raindeer

Not how I would paint my house, but Santa likes to be fun.

Nathan ran up to be on Santa's lap. He was quick to give his list of wishes: "I want two trains, and one for my baby sister"

At the Anchorage Wildlife Conservation Park. They got to see lots of wildlife, even had a bear stand up on his hind legs about 6 feet away.
Nathan did NOT want to be put down the whole time.

The Anchorage airport is filled with fun animals to look at.

November 8, 2009

Are you kidding????

OMG!!! So many kiddos! Nathan and Anna are missing from this picture, not to mention Abby and Molly's kids.
I'm thinking Trever and I should have another kid... (almost) everyone else has 3!

Jessie, Katie, Marissa, Dena, Jen and me with (almost) all of our kids! CRAZY!

November 7, 2009

Abby and Cameron's 12th Wedding Anniversary

Cash and Natalie playing together. It looks like they are dancing. It was more like a game of fetch. Cash would roll a thing of tape, Natalie would retrieve it.

What a great celebration of 12 years. Cameron pulled off a wonderful surprise for Abby!

Some of our wonderful husbands!

The ladies, we always have the best time together. I can never have too much time with my wonderful friends!!!!!

Looks like trouble!

Time to get naked... I can't believe Carter is walking. What a darling.

I love Dena and Vinny! What a beautiful couple.

So happy together...