November 30, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

This tree was for Nathan, he found a smaller one for Natalie. I love how a kids brain works... the tree size matches the kid size.

It was pure excitement running amongst the trees... fake tree??? No way!

All done cutting it down. Nathan has a saw just like Daddy (it's the blade cover).

Staying warm in the car while we get the tree on top.

I'm not sure I could love a tree more than one that was decorated by kids. Notice the three balls together on the bottom, then the clump of balls near the middle, their are two giraffes together also (both from Great Grandma Bimmie for the kids first Christmas). I remember when Marissa's daughter, Sam, helped me decorate (she was 3 1/2). All ornaments that were alike went together (firefighter, dogs, angles...). I loved that tree!

A closer look at the shiny balls grouped together on the light strand. I think I counted 16! Normally we don't even use the colored balls. It's priceless.

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