December 2, 2009

Baby kittens

Our kids have really been wanting a kitten. Whenever we see one they are obsessed. We went to a rescue group to get one but I froze up and couldn't bring one home. Funny how things work out. A few days ago my dad brought these 3 kittens home. He was going to try to find them a home (I know he was hoping one of them would go to us), and he was going to keep one or two for barn kittens. We decided to let the kids keep them while we look for homes (it's so cold out right now)... and of course we fell in love. Trever went from wondering why we would ever own a cat to saying "well, if we're going to keep one, why not keep all three?". Schreeeech! Brakes on! Are you kidding me? But I have to admit, they are so easy to have around it's almost tempting!

The joy a kitten can bring!

This is Nathan's favorite of the three kittens. Trever actually loves him too. He is SO laid back! Nathan loves to hold him while watching a movie, reading a book or sleeping. He gives attention to all the kittens but about 10 times as much to this one. Oh yes, and when asked to name him... "His name is Kitty". Alright. Kitty it is.
The first time that we actually let him fall asleep with the kitten.

Natalie is loving the kittens too. Talk about cheap childcare.

I would have thought 3 kittens in the house would feel overwhelming. Not at all. I keep waiting for the atmosphere to change. They are all really relaxed, it's been a joy having them. And the kids are filled with joy at the sight of the kittens, even when they are hiding away to get a break.

This one is the most unsure, I think he's having the most separation anxiety. I have a feeling that we'll end up keeping him too. He is really beautiful. I feel a bit protective, he seems scared and finds comfort by being with one of his siblings.

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