December 20, 2009

The Santa Breakfast

The Santa Breakfast is one of my favorite traditions. Katie is always the most gracious host. She decorates so nice and always thinks of the little details (big bowls of red/green/white candy... that she *forces* us to take with us at the end of the day). I think this was the 3rd year, and definitely the most fun. So many of the kids are at the perfect age, excited about Santa without feeling silly... and only a few were still scared.

As Santa approaches all the kids run to the large picture window to get a view.

Oh, those faces!!! The energy was so contagious!

I love Cash in this picture!!

Nathan with his buddy Santa. Santa (my dad) was so good with the kids... he talked with Nathan about how much he enjoyed meeting him at his house (Santa's house in North Pole, AK). He knew that it was Zach's birthday and asked us to sing Happy Birthday to him. I wish I could remember his other conversations. I think the kids felt so special.

Natalie needed Nathan to come back up, and she was not about to leave Daddy's lap. She seemed very interested in watching Santa, hopefully next year she is comfortable on his lap.

The kids... 16 of them (Logan is hidden behind Zach). Katie's kids: Ryder (10), Charlie (4) and Ryann (23 months). Abby's kids: Halle (11), Jordan (9) and Cash (4). Dena's kids: Nick (11), Dom (5) and Gianna (3). Jen's kids: Zach(6) and Luke (3). Marissa's kids: Sam (6), Logan (3) and Anna (2). Our kids: Nathan (3) and Natalie (21 months) ... I think I got the ages right???

We have been friends for over 18 years! Some of us a lot longer than that. We are so blessed!

Just in case a visit and a present from Santa wasn't enough excitement... we celebrated Zach's 6th birthday. Such a fun afternoon!

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