June 22, 2010

House update!

I have so many other blogs to post, but I'm skipping ahead to the house because I'm SO excited! Things are starting to come together, we feel so close to being done. I think it helps to have other people working on the house for us... what a treat!!! Being the GC on a house in the future would feel like a breeze compared to the work Trever has put in during the last two years.

Here are some pics of the recent changes. The tile work should be complete by the end of the week, possibly sooner. Our finish plumbing has begun and will hopefully be complete by the 4th of July, it takes a bit longer since our plumber is doing the work in the evenings. I still need to schedule the last bit of painting for next week, then order carpet to be installed in early July. Trever has a bit of electrical to finish and then we can call for final inspection!!! Hopefully we'll be moving in during the 2nd or 3rd week of July!!!!!

I LOVE the kitchen tile and back splash, one of the few decisions that I have loved instantly. To be honest though, the counter tile was a change of heart, we used the original tile for the kids bathroom and laundry room.

Our beautiful, VERY LARGE, island is in place. To give it perspective, I can lay along the width of it and I don't hang off :)... we're ready for a party!

Kids bathroom. The back splash is glass/marble mosaic.

The view from upstairs.

I can't wait for the grass to be ready! In 6 weeks we should be able to start enjoying this beautiful yard!!

June 19, 2010

toe nail painting

Auntie Jenna bringing some color to both of my kids.

Nathan got red toes and Natalie got pink.

Being oh so careful to make sure they are dry.

I have to say, Nathan's toes looked SO good. I'd look down and think, wow... beautiful toes, and those eye lashes! I hope Natalie isn't jealous when they are older ;)
I also have to admit we are trying to limit Nathan to black, silver or white polish. I didn't want it to be strange but it was, especially when we were in the ER. (is that terrible to admit????) In the end, I don't care what he wants to do... as long as he is feeling confident about himself and finding love in the little things.

June 17, 2010


Who needs Toys R Us when you have packing boxes? I love that Natalie thinks she is all the way in a box/basket :)

June 13, 2010

Claire graduates from college!!

We're so proud of Claire, can't wait to see where she ends up. No doubt she will be a wonderful and nurturing teacher!!

The Geddes (Fearon) ladies. 4 generations of wonderful women (or growing girls in Natalie's case).

The boys of the group, a bit outnumbered that night.


That is a look of a girl who knows she is loved by her Papo.


Play time

Spending some play time at the park. These pictures were partly my attempt to see if I could replace professional photography... nope, my relationship with Oona isn't going away.

I love my Auntie Jenna

Monkey girl...

My attempt at editing
My darling boy.

June 10, 2010

Getting ducks

Papo took the kids to get ducks...

they always enjoy the adventures with Papo.

Muscovy is the name of the duck on the left. He's the only one who made it. He gets lots of love and attention from the kids ;)

June 5, 2010

Visit with the Kissel's

3 generations (would be 4 generations if Trev had been present). We love our time with Nana and Papa... and it's a huge treat to spend some time with Great Grammy Ella!! This was a quick visit before Ken and Shiela went off on a European Cruise! They had a blast!!!


Grammy Ella is so wonderful, I hope our kids are able to form memories with her... I'm glad we'll always have the pictures of them together!

Baseball with friends

Enjoying an afternoon with good friends.