October 28, 2011

Kids Halloween Party

Andrew getting in on the fun before our friends showed up.

The "babies" Andrew (9mo) and Mike (7mo)

I didn't realize how much fun bobbing for apples could be.  

My favorite moments are when our house if filled with friends.  I love having all the kiddos running around enjoying their time together.

Auntie Katie brought over candy for decorating the pumpkins.

Noah, half dressed, decided to bob after the other kids were gone.
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October 24, 2011

Andrew and Lily

I'm not sure Lily is certified by the American Association of Pediatrics to be a safe "walker" for Andrew.  But she sure does a nice job. 

We have a book named "Good Dog, Carl".  It's about a rotweiller that babysits.  I think Lily would do a great job.  She would love to make him lunch, especially if Andrew agrees to share.

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October 17, 2011

Andrew at the dentist

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Doesn't he look excited?  It's pretty much his M.O. but I'm going to let Brady (Dr. McDonald) think it's because he liked the visit. 

As a side note, I still think it's a bit crazy that my kids dentist is the little brother of my good friend.  One of many reminders that I'm just not that young anymore.

October 16, 2011

The babies

Trever and my brother have been friends for almost 16 years.  They went from friends to brothers, it's great.  (They really love eachother... you can tell by the name Trever uses for Mike in his cell phone.  I can't even publish the name, but it's pure love.)  Suddenly they both have babies in their lives, who are also cousins.  How great is that?  I wonder if history will repeat itself... will Andrew be the pesky "little brother" even though he is actually the older one?

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Grandkids are like a drug to my mom.  She is so excited to have two more babies to love on.  She has a very special bond with the older two, and new babies just means more fun!

October 14, 2011

Define Beautiful

I came across a new-to-me blog yesterday, The Bobby Pin.  Then I discovered her project Define Beautiful.  The posts I read were encouraging, interesting, and very beautiful.  I thought about what is beautiful to me, what makes me feel beautiful and instantly I was aware of how brave I felt these women were to write about beauty, especially their own beauty.  I think we have such a strange culture, we crave beauty, we admire beautiful people, but we aren't encouraged to believe in our own beauty.  If a woman walks into a room and owns her beauty she is considered in a negative light.  Can you imagine someone saying, "I am so beautiful today".  But wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? 

As with most things, having children, or caring deeply for youth gives a different perspective.  Wouldn't I love to hear my daughter say "Mom, I am so thankful I am strong, smart, kind, and beautiful."  She will have a difficult time believing those things about herself if I don't show her that I believe those things about myself.

So... how do I Define Beautiful?
I believe beauty comes from cofidence.  Confidence in myself, confidence in my abilities, confidence in my understanding that it's okay to not be perfect (a work in progress).  When I love myself for where I am in my journey I feel beautiful. 

When I am present with my children, really present, not just in the same room, I find that beauty surrounds me.  The simple act of being with a child, doing what they want to do, catching a glimps of their growth is beautiful.  And that beauty flows into me so easily.  It's a nicer place to be than ignoring them to clean the floor.  But balance is beautiful too, and a clean house is important to me.

When I see the amazing world we live in, without the fog of distraction, I am always in awe of it's beauty.  A gray and rainy day is as beautiful to me as a clear sunny morning.  To be honest it's the change that I find beautiful, to many days of either looses it's appeal to me.

I have always surrounded myself with beautiful people.  It's obvious for the world to see how beautiful they are, but most people don't get to see their real beauty.  It's true, my friends are even more beautiful on the inside.  They are amazing friends, our time is filled with laughter and with tears.  I think the beauty of these friends comes from the deep trust and authenicity of each friendship.  I have high standards for friendship, my early friendships set the bar very high.

My marraige is the most beautiful relationship I have.  Words are insufficient to describe how blessed I am.  God is good and I am thankful.

And not unimportant, but definitely at the end of my list is being pretty.  I think it's beautiful to feel pretty.  I have found that just taking the time to pick clothes that fit well, add a bit of makeup, and something sparkly does a lot for making me feel pretty... I think I should say "making me see that I am pretty".  And that is a beautiful thing that I hope my children will see in themselves and others.

I wonder how my daughter will Define Beauty, I hope she will find it in herself as well as her world.

                                                   Natalie 3 1/2 years... so beautiful.

October 13, 2011

Right now

It's the snap shots in my children's life that are important.  The little things that I will surely forget if I don't leave myself a reminder...

We made fun drawing boards for the kids.  They've had so much fun drawing with dry erase makers.  This picture is a big deal for Nathan.  Although it looks like the fish is Nathan, he is actually the fisherman.  That is one big fish he caught, I guess that is a sign that he really is a true fisherman at heart.  His Papo is going to be so excited for their future trips.
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All the sudden, Natalie likes babies!!!  And she brings them everywhere with her.  The babies are Gorgianna, Avery (named after her new friend, my friend's daughter), and the elephant is Rose.  It's so cute to watch her hit this stage.  When she wakes up she sneaks out of her room so she doesn't wake them.  Love it!

**** Hmm, the baby stage only lasted a few days.  Now they are back to just laying in her room.

October 12, 2011

Getting pumpkins

Enjoying a fun ride with his little pumpkins.


Getting a little crowded, but I think he's still having fun.

All of our little pumpkins, love these kiddos!

Nathan spent most of his time pushing the wheelbarrow through the mud.  He was a muddy happy mess by the end of the, a happy boy.

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October 8, 2011

Pi Phi friends

We enjoyed such a special day with two of my dear Pi Phi friends and their families.  We almost never see each other, but that is going to change! Yay!!  We've decided to try to get together every 3 months, I can't wait.  I love each of them and their husbands so much (I was lucky enough to know their husbands in college also).

It was so much fun getting all the kids together.  I can't believe how relaxing the time was, all the kids played SO well together.  They even ate outside while we enjoyed some adult time inside.  Then we went on a nice walk in the woods, thank you October for giving us a beautiful fall day.

Natalie grew a quick affection for Avery.  She has good taste in friends ;)
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