October 13, 2011

Right now

It's the snap shots in my children's life that are important.  The little things that I will surely forget if I don't leave myself a reminder...

We made fun drawing boards for the kids.  They've had so much fun drawing with dry erase makers.  This picture is a big deal for Nathan.  Although it looks like the fish is Nathan, he is actually the fisherman.  That is one big fish he caught, I guess that is a sign that he really is a true fisherman at heart.  His Papo is going to be so excited for their future trips.
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All the sudden, Natalie likes babies!!!  And she brings them everywhere with her.  The babies are Gorgianna, Avery (named after her new friend, my friend's daughter), and the elephant is Rose.  It's so cute to watch her hit this stage.  When she wakes up she sneaks out of her room so she doesn't wake them.  Love it!

**** Hmm, the baby stage only lasted a few days.  Now they are back to just laying in her room.

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