May 26, 2012

Slip N Slide

We are trying to take advantage of every beautiful day that we get.  After a hard winter the sun is cherished.

Nathan not wanting to actually slide, but loving to run.

Charlie Turcotte being brave but keeping her face out of the water.

Starting to get brave!

Natalie was happy to just hold her suit and watch. 

May 22, 2012

A touch of Pi Phi love

Abby getting some Pi Phi love.  My college friends and I met up in Seattle for a night of fun.  I don't get to see them often enough, but I love every moment that we spend together.

May 21, 2012

Covered in sand

It felt a bit like deja vu when I walked outside today.  There was Nathan, smiling and having fun. There was Andrew covered in sand.  It was in his hair, his ears, in his hood, down his shirt and pants.  
Although Nathan got in big trouble it would have been MUCH worse for him if Andrew had seemed upset.

Here is Nathan and Natalie in a similar scenario 3 1/2 years earlier. (October 2008)  Nathan really is such a loving, empathetic big brother.  But he also has moments where we wonder "what were you thinking!?!?!?!"

 Natalie is clearly pissed.  As she should be, sitting there getting covered with ash!!  
I'm sure it's easy to wonder "where are the parents?"  Nathan loved to just push Natalie around in her stroller, I'm sure we had just stepped inside for a moment.  But that's all it takes with kiddos, they seem to know when they have the freedom to try something new. ;)

Moments later she was getting cleaned off and then they were both in the bath for play time.

A glimpse to our future?

Natalie melts my heart.  What fun, I will LOVE it if she wants to be a cheer leader. 

And it's nice to see that she is already learning to be a Cougar!!

May 17, 2012


Ever since their birthday party the kids have been asking to go bowling again.  And every once in a while I convince myself to step out of the box and go for it.  We had such a great time, well mostly.  Nathan had to learn the hard way that bowling at the bowling alley is not quite the same as bowling on the Wii.

There was some serious frustration... from both of us. ;)  He was pissed that he wasn't getting a strike because "he gets lots of strikes on the Wii". Life's lessons aren't always fun.  (Running 7 minute miles is a TON easier on the Wii also!).

Natalie's ball is almost bigger than she is!  I love this little girl, so determined to do what her brother does.  She's so fun to have around.

I should show him this picture and point out that you don't get to slide like this while playing the Wii.

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Is there any day more fun than Mother's Day?  My day was filled with love from the kids.  
I'm a blessed Mama!

What sweet, happy faces!  I love the way they wrapped the box.

Making some hand print art.  

Flowers that the kids gave the mom's at church. 

Hearts that the kids drew and then Trever cut out.  Then they each picked a color to paint their heart.  They are going to do some mosaic tile work on them.  Trever and I saw something like this while out on a date.  He is so creative, love that he encourages creativity for our family.

May 2, 2012


The kids and I are enjoying a baking trend (thanks to a blog I love). And we don't have a risk of running short on sprinkles any time soon.  So I decided today was a great day to let them decorate to their hearts content.  Clearly they were pleased!

The finished cupcakes, I can't help but to smile. 
Andrew loves being invited to the party, especially when there are treats.