May 21, 2012

Covered in sand

It felt a bit like deja vu when I walked outside today.  There was Nathan, smiling and having fun. There was Andrew covered in sand.  It was in his hair, his ears, in his hood, down his shirt and pants.  
Although Nathan got in big trouble it would have been MUCH worse for him if Andrew had seemed upset.

Here is Nathan and Natalie in a similar scenario 3 1/2 years earlier. (October 2008)  Nathan really is such a loving, empathetic big brother.  But he also has moments where we wonder "what were you thinking!?!?!?!"

 Natalie is clearly pissed.  As she should be, sitting there getting covered with ash!!  
I'm sure it's easy to wonder "where are the parents?"  Nathan loved to just push Natalie around in her stroller, I'm sure we had just stepped inside for a moment.  But that's all it takes with kiddos, they seem to know when they have the freedom to try something new. ;)

Moments later she was getting cleaned off and then they were both in the bath for play time.

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