May 17, 2012


Ever since their birthday party the kids have been asking to go bowling again.  And every once in a while I convince myself to step out of the box and go for it.  We had such a great time, well mostly.  Nathan had to learn the hard way that bowling at the bowling alley is not quite the same as bowling on the Wii.

There was some serious frustration... from both of us. ;)  He was pissed that he wasn't getting a strike because "he gets lots of strikes on the Wii". Life's lessons aren't always fun.  (Running 7 minute miles is a TON easier on the Wii also!).

Natalie's ball is almost bigger than she is!  I love this little girl, so determined to do what her brother does.  She's so fun to have around.

I should show him this picture and point out that you don't get to slide like this while playing the Wii.

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