October 31, 2009


Nathan is helping to take care of Natalie while they trick or treat! I love to see them hold hands!!

For the last month we have been talking with Nathan about Halloween. Every time I gave him ideas for a costume he said no. I even bought a dinosaur costume... which we forced him to wear once. I decided I wasn't up for the battle on Halloween so it was back to finding a new idea. When I would say "what do you want to be?" he would answer, "I want to be a Nae Nae" or "I want to be a mommy". Didn't think it would be fun to explain he was dressed as himself. And the thought of my little guy running around trick or treating in my heels, etc wasn't fun either (although I'm sure it would have gotten some laughs). Finally one day as he was helping Natalie leave kids club I mentioned how good he was at keeping her safe and taking care of her. We quickly made the connection that Fire Fighters "take care of people" (it's what we always say Daddy is doing at work). YES!!! He agreed to be a fire fighter! You wouldn't think it would have been so tough :). He was so proud to be a fireman just like his Daddy (trust me I had brought up this option earlier).

It says MIFD on his gear, he's offical!

Gagi and Papo joined us for the trick or treating fun

Relaxing at Auntie Marissa's house.

In the past we have gone to Westwood Baptist. I'm actually thankful that they canceled the open house tonight. Being with our friends and their kids was SO much fun! I loved seeing all the excitement with so many kids.

October 30, 2009

The kids

Nathan is giving Natalie a horsey ride.

It turned into a bronco ride. :) They were both full of giggles having so much fun!

We're teaching Nathan how to dial the phone. He kept wanting to call Gagi (we were at her house already). He's helping Natalie to talk also. He wouldn't let Gagi off the phone, and he took the phone to each of us so we could say hello to her. He was also telling us what to say when we spoke to her... they definitely learn from watching!

When the kids are getting along it is pure heaven!!! We are so fortunate that most days they "love" each other. Nathan is a very helpful big brother, and Natalie loves him so much. She watches everything he does and tries her best to follow suit. Our hearts overflow with our love for our children. They constantly bring us joy, and entertainment.

A play ground at home!

My dad has been keeping an eye open for a play set for the kids. He just found this one on craigslist... what a deal!! The kids are so excited to have their own play ground. On the right hand side of the picture is the toy firetruck that we will refinish for climbing and playing. So much fun!!!
Daddy braving the tube slide with Natalie.

You're never to old to have fun on a play set!

Nathan is so excited to have his own slide.

Ahh... so sweet!

October 27, 2009

Pumpkin carving with Gagi and Papo

Natalie likes to pull up a stool so she can be involved in what is going on. She usually just brings one of her little chairs, we decided she should be a bit higher so she could help with the dishes.

All the memories from childhood get even better when you're helping your kids make memories!

I'm sure my parents can't remember the last time they carved pumpkins. I'm guessing they won't miss a year again for a while. The kids had fun watching, I know they'll have fun in the future when we include them more.

The finished product! A night full of fun!

October 26, 2009

Future Harley rider!

Try to give this girl a doll, no thanks. A stuffed animal, even less interested. But give her a ball, car, truck, tractor or motorcycle, now she's lovin' it!! She even makes the sounds as she drives!

She is constantly entertaining us! She was really trying to ride that little motorcycle.

Wild girl!

October 24, 2009

Houk's Halloween Bash

Someday I am going to shock everyone and have a "real" costume! As for this year, Trever and I went as "dirty street signs". We posted them on front and back.

Such a rare time with all of us girls (and the guys were there too!). We can't wait for the fun again next year.

October 22, 2009

Schilter Pumpkin Patch

Going to Schilter Farms has become our annual pumpkin patch tradition. They have so much to do, a play area, farm animals, a maze, and the pumpkin area. Nathan remembers the kittens and goes right for them! There are plenty of other animals but he mostly wants to hold and chase the kittens.

I asked Natalie to smile for the camera... what a little ham!
They love riding the John Deer tractors.

Enjoying some pumpkin bowling

Both kids loved pumping the handles on the water pumps. They raced their ducks back and forth. We get constant enjoyment watching them have fun learning new things.

Playing together on the slide. The slide comes out from the hay castle. Natalie especially loved running around in the bottom of the castle and having Trever scare her!

Our little scare crow.

I hope we remember to take this picture each year.

This picture might come back in the future... our ladies man. He was really just interested in holding the kitty, and then girls were running the show. Bossy girls ;)

October 21, 2009

A visit with Auntie Abby

It was so fun watching Nathan play with Cash. Glad he is a good influence because Nathan wanted to do everything he did! I loved watching him draw (something he generally shows little interest in). Nathan's major sign of independence was playing with the trains A LOT. That boy loves to build train tracks. Halle was so nice to help him out and make a bigger train.

Natalie cuddling up with her Auntie.

October 17, 2009

Nathan painting with Gagi and Papo

My parents are not fans of painting... looks like they have future hired help.

October 11, 2009


I have just stared at this picture, trying to find the words to express my feelings. There are too many, there are not nearly enough. I love you! Funny how three words can say so much, but they still don't convey the way my heart quickens, the butterflies that tickle my tummy, the smile that grows on my face, the tears that sometimes well in my eyes. I am so thankful.

Every prayer that I whispered to the Lord was answered the day I met Trever. It took us some time to make the jump (8 years from when we met), but I think we both always knew it was meant to be us. Even when we were out of contact we still wondered about each other. I thank the Lord that he brought us back together. I could not have dreamt of a better life partner.

"Lucky to be in love with my best friend". So true.

My biggest wish for my children is that they are able to find a partner as fitting as I have found. Someone that helps you be who you want to be, helps you to see what is wonderful in yourself, and holds you tight when you see the things that aren't as wonderful as you'd like. A partner that makes you laugh, knows the slightest quirks, still likes to learn more each year, and wants to continue growing together. Someone who encourages the importance of friendship, while also being the best friend you could imagine. Someone to encourage dreaming, someone to help make life's dreams a reality. Oh, how I am blessed! The riches of the world could not make my life better.

The Pumpkin Train

My dad has talked about taking the kids on a train ride for some time now. He looked online and found that the Chehalis Steam Train had a Pumpkin Train this weekend. The kids got dressed up in their costumes (Nathan needed intense encouragement) and we went on the train. We could not have had a more beautiful fall day for the adventure. The sky was clear, the air was crisp and the leaves are changing colors.

Natalie is going to be a pumpkin this year, Thanks Auntie Katie!

Giving loves to Papo.
Trev and Nathan with the conductor.

On the way back the engine pulled the train. It was fun to get good views from both sides of the engine.

The kids were each able to pick out a pumpkin. Natalie thought it was one for each hand.

We never knew how much we would love these wonderful children!!

Nathan is yelling a train "whistle".

Natalie was full of giggles, and loved being able to stand up and look out the window.

What a fun family day! I'm so thankful we joined my parents on this outing.