October 22, 2009

Schilter Pumpkin Patch

Going to Schilter Farms has become our annual pumpkin patch tradition. They have so much to do, a play area, farm animals, a maze, and the pumpkin area. Nathan remembers the kittens and goes right for them! There are plenty of other animals but he mostly wants to hold and chase the kittens.

I asked Natalie to smile for the camera... what a little ham!
They love riding the John Deer tractors.

Enjoying some pumpkin bowling

Both kids loved pumping the handles on the water pumps. They raced their ducks back and forth. We get constant enjoyment watching them have fun learning new things.

Playing together on the slide. The slide comes out from the hay castle. Natalie especially loved running around in the bottom of the castle and having Trever scare her!

Our little scare crow.

I hope we remember to take this picture each year.

This picture might come back in the future... our ladies man. He was really just interested in holding the kitty, and then girls were running the show. Bossy girls ;)

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