October 31, 2009


Nathan is helping to take care of Natalie while they trick or treat! I love to see them hold hands!!

For the last month we have been talking with Nathan about Halloween. Every time I gave him ideas for a costume he said no. I even bought a dinosaur costume... which we forced him to wear once. I decided I wasn't up for the battle on Halloween so it was back to finding a new idea. When I would say "what do you want to be?" he would answer, "I want to be a Nae Nae" or "I want to be a mommy". Didn't think it would be fun to explain he was dressed as himself. And the thought of my little guy running around trick or treating in my heels, etc wasn't fun either (although I'm sure it would have gotten some laughs). Finally one day as he was helping Natalie leave kids club I mentioned how good he was at keeping her safe and taking care of her. We quickly made the connection that Fire Fighters "take care of people" (it's what we always say Daddy is doing at work). YES!!! He agreed to be a fire fighter! You wouldn't think it would have been so tough :). He was so proud to be a fireman just like his Daddy (trust me I had brought up this option earlier).

It says MIFD on his gear, he's offical!

Gagi and Papo joined us for the trick or treating fun

Relaxing at Auntie Marissa's house.

In the past we have gone to Westwood Baptist. I'm actually thankful that they canceled the open house tonight. Being with our friends and their kids was SO much fun! I loved seeing all the excitement with so many kids.

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