October 30, 2009

The kids

Nathan is giving Natalie a horsey ride.

It turned into a bronco ride. :) They were both full of giggles having so much fun!

We're teaching Nathan how to dial the phone. He kept wanting to call Gagi (we were at her house already). He's helping Natalie to talk also. He wouldn't let Gagi off the phone, and he took the phone to each of us so we could say hello to her. He was also telling us what to say when we spoke to her... they definitely learn from watching!

When the kids are getting along it is pure heaven!!! We are so fortunate that most days they "love" each other. Nathan is a very helpful big brother, and Natalie loves him so much. She watches everything he does and tries her best to follow suit. Our hearts overflow with our love for our children. They constantly bring us joy, and entertainment.

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