October 11, 2009

The Pumpkin Train

My dad has talked about taking the kids on a train ride for some time now. He looked online and found that the Chehalis Steam Train had a Pumpkin Train this weekend. The kids got dressed up in their costumes (Nathan needed intense encouragement) and we went on the train. We could not have had a more beautiful fall day for the adventure. The sky was clear, the air was crisp and the leaves are changing colors.

Natalie is going to be a pumpkin this year, Thanks Auntie Katie!

Giving loves to Papo.
Trev and Nathan with the conductor.

On the way back the engine pulled the train. It was fun to get good views from both sides of the engine.

The kids were each able to pick out a pumpkin. Natalie thought it was one for each hand.

We never knew how much we would love these wonderful children!!

Nathan is yelling a train "whistle".

Natalie was full of giggles, and loved being able to stand up and look out the window.

What a fun family day! I'm so thankful we joined my parents on this outing.


Riccobenes... said...

What a fun day! I love to find treasures like that!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I love reading your family stories and checking out the family pictures. I know what you mean about being so lucky to have what we have. There isn't a day that I don't thank God for what he's given me. I Love my Life and my Husband and my Kids!!!!!!! I Love my Cousins too!!! In fact I have to call your Mom & Dad right now. Oh and that picture of Natalie in the tub is too cute. Your kids are adorable!!!!!!!!
Love ya,