December 24, 2008

All dressed up

Natalie was so cute dressed up for Christmas eve. I think we were given about 4 Christmas outfits for her. Good thing we had enough occasions to wear all of them. She's like a celebrity, doesn't wear the same thing twice.

Natalie and Nathan in their Christmas PJ's. Since we were mostly house bound they got to wear these a lot.

December 21, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!!!

Nathan and Gagi enjoyed a day of decorating cookies. Nathan had so much fun looking at all the cookies and picking out which one each of us would eat. He was very serious while putting the sprinkles on.

Sledding was so much fun! We went down the road for almost a 1/4 mile and then the tractor would pull us back up. In this case the kids all wanted to ride both ways in the bucket of the tractor.

Lily LOVES the snow!

This was one of our only days as a family playing in the snow. We had a blast. The snow was so dry and so beautiful we felt like we were on the east side... with the addition of beautiful trees. Everyone enjoyed the sledding, even Natalie. This picture is taken in front of our new driveway!! The snow was so wonderful we didn't even mind the 3 week delay it caused for starting to build.

December 16, 2008

Santa pictures

Nathan was so excited to see Santa again ... Natalie was not thrilled. We distracted her by having her stand next to him (we were a little nervous she might fall over but she made it).

Natalie is so proud of learning to stand up. She has "ME TOO" written all over her when she watches her brother playing.

December 8, 2008

Making Mud

I asked Nathan to help me bake today. I let him crack the egg, and then he helped poor the water into the mix... with great excitement he said "Ooo, makin' mud!"... then he poored the oil in "Ooo, More Mud!!". So much fun. He then put the cookies into the mud and we baked the mud. He's getting really excited to eat the mud tonight. My mom reminded me to teach him that we eat the mud inside, but we don't eat the mud that we make outside. :) Good clarification.

December 7, 2008

Santa Breakfast

Natalie in her cute "My First Christmas" outfit... enjoying her first Santa Breakfast.

Nathan with his present from Santa. He's been waiting all week for this present, luckily he had forgotten that he was there when I bought it... I'm mean when Santa picked it out :)


This year was so fun! Nathan was so excited to hear that Santa was coming and he ran over to be near him. Natalie on the other hand cried when she was near Santa.

We started this tradition with my girlfriends last year. It's been so fun. This year we had 11 kids, the parents and some grandparents as well. It's such a special way to start the Christmas season, surrounded by love and lots of fun!!

Boogie Rag

Nathan is sick right now. His nose is running like a faucet. After being grossed out by his wet sleeves we decided to give him an alternative. We started with a bandanna and told him to use it to whip his nose. Very quickly the bandanna was named a "boogie rag". He keeps running up and saying "more boogie rag"... and even now as he is supposed to be going to sleep we are hearing the request for more boogie rag. He definitely adapts well to routines. We've gone through about 3 boogie rags today... but his sleeves are staying much drier.

December 1, 2008

Our "Krinmen Kree"

Our first family outing to get a tree! (I think Trever and I went without Nathan last year) We had such a fun family day getting our Krinmen Kree (Trever and I spend more time talking like Nathan than we ever expected). I was much less focused on the "perfect" tree this year, a bit more focused on Natalie staying dry and Nathan keeping with us rather than searching out the tractors. In the end we found a great tree, no one stayed dry (or clean for that matter) and we got out of there just after the daylight ended.

When we decided on a tree I said "Okay Nae Nae, do you want Daddy to cut that one down?" I definitely wasn't prepared for his answer "No, Mommy dolit" Are you kidding! Well, anything for my boy. I cut the tree while they went back to get Lily out of the car. In the end Trever convinced me that we were partners and it was okay if he finished the job. A bit hard on my ego but my shoulders were thankful.

It was comedy watching us carry the tree back to the car. Who forgot a bjorn, a stroller, or the idea of finding a tree close to the car? Trever took the trunk and I got the saw, the baby and the top of the tree. Luckily we convinced Nathan he could walk back by himself. :)