December 21, 2008

Snow, snow and more snow!!!

Nathan and Gagi enjoyed a day of decorating cookies. Nathan had so much fun looking at all the cookies and picking out which one each of us would eat. He was very serious while putting the sprinkles on.

Sledding was so much fun! We went down the road for almost a 1/4 mile and then the tractor would pull us back up. In this case the kids all wanted to ride both ways in the bucket of the tractor.

Lily LOVES the snow!

This was one of our only days as a family playing in the snow. We had a blast. The snow was so dry and so beautiful we felt like we were on the east side... with the addition of beautiful trees. Everyone enjoyed the sledding, even Natalie. This picture is taken in front of our new driveway!! The snow was so wonderful we didn't even mind the 3 week delay it caused for starting to build.

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