December 1, 2008

Our "Krinmen Kree"

Our first family outing to get a tree! (I think Trever and I went without Nathan last year) We had such a fun family day getting our Krinmen Kree (Trever and I spend more time talking like Nathan than we ever expected). I was much less focused on the "perfect" tree this year, a bit more focused on Natalie staying dry and Nathan keeping with us rather than searching out the tractors. In the end we found a great tree, no one stayed dry (or clean for that matter) and we got out of there just after the daylight ended.

When we decided on a tree I said "Okay Nae Nae, do you want Daddy to cut that one down?" I definitely wasn't prepared for his answer "No, Mommy dolit" Are you kidding! Well, anything for my boy. I cut the tree while they went back to get Lily out of the car. In the end Trever convinced me that we were partners and it was okay if he finished the job. A bit hard on my ego but my shoulders were thankful.

It was comedy watching us carry the tree back to the car. Who forgot a bjorn, a stroller, or the idea of finding a tree close to the car? Trever took the trunk and I got the saw, the baby and the top of the tree. Luckily we convinced Nathan he could walk back by himself. :)

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