December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so fun this year. I know it will only get better as the years go on. The kids are at such a great age. Trever worked on Christmas eve and Christmas day so we had a small family Christmas on the 23rd. Then the kids enjoyed Christmas eve at Aunt Donna and Uncle Tony's house. Christmas morning we all woke up at my parents house and enjoyed presents again. By this point Natalie was really understanding the fun of ripping into the gifts. Then we finished up the Christmas festivities with a visit from Trev's parents on the 26th. I think the kids loved spreading the fun over 4 days.

When Nathan went to visit Santa in North Pole Alaska he asked for a train set for himself and for Natalie. Although Santa set up separate trains for each of them, they are now combined in his room. Natalie loves to play trains and cars with him. She also got some cute baby dolls from Nana and Papa... we're seeing the first signs of her emerging "girl side".
The real Christmas present for the kids was a kitten (although she came a few weeks early). Her name is now Cooper... yes it's a boy name... the name came before we knew she was a girl. Natalie is finally learning to carry Cooper nicer, it's amazing how much the kitten loves to be around the kids.

Nathan got a Lite-bright, I think I was just as excited as he was!

Christmas dinner, cuddling with Clare. Natalie was relieved to find someone who was happy to carry her around all night.

Papa was helping Nathan distribute the presents.

Some cuddle time with Nana.

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Em said...

Hey, I like that one of Natalie holding the cat. I love it! That's how I used to hold cats. It was a love hate relationship. haha I used to go to school with scratches all up and down my arms.