December 5, 2009

Visit with Santa at Alderbrook

We took the kids to Alderbrook for pictures with Santa. It was perfect! The lobby was decorated beautiful, there really wasn't a line, and the proceeds went to the Fallen Soldiers Fund. I could not have asked for a better morning with the family... SO glad we didn't go to the mall!
I couldn't resist posting a bunch of pics. Every moment felt like a favorite memory.

This sleigh is 100 years old!

The gingerbread house is 14' long. Natalie quickly broke a piece off. Whoops.

I swear he wasn't trying to get away... but maybe I just didn't notice?? Ahh, a preview of the years ahead :)
Nathan was so excited to see Santa "again!". When we told him where we were going he asked if Daddy and Mommy were going to go on the airplane with him? (He knows that you have to take an airplane to Santa's house). Great memories.
Nathan was super comfortable with Santa, they're old friends by this point. Natalie started out curious, quickly became uncomfortable and then started signing "please" with urgency for us to get her off his lap. Too cute.

If there is a train Nathan will find it. To be honest, almost anything with wheels will catch his attention.

That face! She was having so much fun on the sleigh, as well as exploring the lobby. And I think she felt special in her pretty dress.

Our little snowmen!
This is the smile that I love!!! I'm so excited to have captured it on camera!

I've never noticed this sign before. It stopped me in my tracks.

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Em said...

I love the pictures! How precious. Great to see how you guys are doing, and how the kids are growing. My little neice and nephews are going to be 2, 4, and 6this winter... the 4 year old just had a birthday party, and his little four-year old girlfriend stated quite proudly "I'm going to be a Perry when I grow up" (implying she is going to marry my nephew...) hmmm!
hope you guys are well. Merry Christmas!
I just finished my last test of grad school today (whooooohooo!), and am moving home tomorrow. I will start my internship in Speech Pathology at Children's Village in January. I am so excited. New and great things to come!
Take care!
Love you guys.