December 4, 2009

The house

For anyone who wonders "Is it almost done yet?" We wonder the same thing daily. We just have the privilege of knowing it's not even close yet. Trever is working SO hard! He's also been very thankful to have friends and family join him in some work days. It makes the work go faster and really lifts Trev's spirits. Right now he is finishing up the electrical work. Then we'll tie up some loose ends in framing. We're hopeful that by the start of the year we are ready for drywall (which we will not be doing!! Yippie).

We have our outside patios (anyone want to drop by for a hottie tottie?), a smooth driveway and a parking area for our guests. Oh yeah, and a lot more work to do...

This experience has been wonderful, stressful, exciting, overwhelming, long, and yet we will look back on this and think it was quick, and we are so blessed!

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