November 14, 2009

Visit with the Spencers

What a fun weekend with friends. The Spencers (Beth, Nathan, Zach and Noah) came down for a weekend visit. We are so blessed by our friendship with them. Nathan actually asked Beth to arrange for a weekend where he could come help with the house. He and Trev have some great commonalities, they enjoy similar activities and are both hard workers. Beth and I enjoy the craziness of running around with four kids, getting them down for naps and remembering to make the meals. Needless to say, a weekend together is quite nice.

Beth was planning to help me learn to use my camera. What were we thinking? It was so cold out, the kids were definitely not going to hang out for a photo shoot. ;)

One of those priceless moments to catch on camera... skirt tucked into the tights, senior picture??

Oh, did I mention all the dogs?

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