November 22, 2009

Family Walk

Trever is always saying that I should bundle the kids up and take them to the park (usually his answer when I mention that the kids are tired - ie cranky, or I'm stir crazy, or we haven't done something in a while... it's kind of his answer to all of lifes questions). As I was giving similar advice to a friend recently, it hit me. I never listen to that advice. So, we changed that. Spur of the moment I decided to bundle Nathan up and go for a walk (Natalie was with my parents having a sleepover). We decided to call Trev at work (the house) and see if he wanted to join us. He jumped on the opportunity (freezing cold working by himself v. time with his wife and son????)

There is a great Nature trail along the lake in Olympia. It starts off with this dock along the water and then travels a paved trail with info markers about the plants. Nathan loved being on the dock. Once we convinced him to leave the dock he loved the path as well. He went from marker to marker ("OH! Another name!!") We jumped in puddles and learned about plants that have gone dormant for the winter. It really doesn't take much. I would say the evening was perfect... except that it really didn't feel complete without Natalie.

His lunch box came in handy. he was able to carry his new trains as well as berries and foliage found along the walk.

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