March 16, 2010

Natalie is 2!!!

Natalie has definitely been learning and watching during the last few days. She was so excited that today was HER birthday. She woke up to balloons, some flowers from her Daddy and presents from Nathan and us. We didn't need to encourage her to rip into the presents, and she didn't seem to mind when Nathan was helping out. She just beamed with the knowledge that she was the special girl today.

I tried my best to get her into her Birthday dress (a wonderful present from our dear friends, Bud and Carol). Alas, I decided it was her birthday, if she wanted to stay in her PJ's then that's what she would get. Luckily we were able to get her into the dress for the evening celebration. The dress is the most beautiful, girlie and fun dress! What a special present.

Natalie has her own bike! Now she'll have some leverage to be on Nathan's bike (he was really enjoying riding her's tonight).
She's a girlie-girl. Loves to dress pretty, loves dress up shoes (and painted toe nails)... but she's not afraid to play hard while being pretty. Ahh, such a nice balance, I would love to see her keep that balance.

Natalie sat there in full glory while we sang Happy Birthday, she even joined in the singing. And she was actually able to blow out her candles! We cannot believe that she is 2 already!! Where has the time gone? And why does 2 seem so grown up???

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