March 18, 2010

Spring Fever

Ahh, beautiful weather! It's tempting to let the kids skip naps on sunny days (tempting, but not realistic). When we get home from running around all we want to do is play outside. I can see lots of picnics in our future...

My darling boy who loves to bring me flowers

Is she really getting this big already???

I think Natalie is sending us a message... oh if that little lawn mower really worked!! I strongly doubt that you will see a picture from this house with the lawn mowed this year. We live in a daily routine of doing only the things that must get done, I can't imagine mowing a lawn is that important when it takes away from play time with the family. We'll look forward to mowing the lawn in the new house!!!

So fun to watch both kids on their bikes. Natalie's bike can haul dirt... so Nathan finds it convenient to "share" his bike with her. :)

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