March 28, 2010

Mom's and Kids Weekend

While the men (Trever and Nathan) worked on our house ... and went for a hike, and went to watch the MMA fights, and watched a movie... don't feel bad for them like all they did was work ;), the kids and I spent the weekend with Beth and her boys. Yes, there was a fair amount of wine consumption by the end of each day.

In case anyone is wondering... 1 mom, 2 kids is not equal to 2 moms, 4 kids. All the kids have so much fun together, and they play well, but I don't remember a time when all 4 kids were sleeping (okay, I guess they were all sleeping between 11pm and 6am - if you don't count the amount of times Nathan gets up in the night). All those projects we were hoping to get done? One got started. :) Maybe next time. Nothing is better than a time with the kids, or at least that is what I hear. I'm thinking Beth and I are going to try a weekend without them sometime and see how it feels. Shopping, relaxing, drinking wine ... it'll be hard, but we'll give it a try.

"Baby NoNo" is on his way to being able to play with the big kids.

A little get away to the park. I took the three older children while Noah slept... Beth got a ton of cleaning done. Then we quickly trashed the house when we got back :)

Watch out boys, she's got the "glance over the top of your sunglasses" trick down already!

The bubbles were a hit (thanks Auntie Dena). We ran out of bubbles before Zach was tired out from chasing them. I love that look of total abandon.

Is there anything better than a beautiful day in the NW? Nattie was out playing in a diaper and boots.
Oh, how sweet!!! Yes, I staged this and asked the kids to hug... but they did it! And twice!

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