September 22, 2009

The house is painted

So much is happening right now! This week the house got painted (well, it's almost done). We are getting our yard graded and our driveway rock on Thursday. Friday we'll be installing the ground loop for our geothermal system (we'll have a 300' loop dug in our back yard, hope we have the space :) ).

Next week I'm hoping we have our patio's poured. Then we'll be ready for our yard to be hydro seeded in the second week of October!! My oh my, by the end of October it's really going to look great.

Then it's back to working on the inside. Trever is working SO hard, I swear he never gets a day off. We are so blessed to have him working hard to provide for the family, then working hard to build us a home, then (and definitely not least) he works hard as an amazing husband and Daddy. On Monday we spent time together as a family, it was Trever's first day off (from the other jobs) in 5 or 6 weeks! Needless to say we were all in HEAVEN! Great to be reminded of how much we enjoy spending time together. Someday we will not remember the time away from each other during the build, and we will be left with the joy that we have when together! We are so blessed (which is what we tell ourselves when we're stressed!)

This is the front of the house.

This is our front door, it'll be painted black.

The back of the house, where we hope to have many BBQ's with our friends and family!

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