April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Charlie's Safari

Every holiday continues to be more fun. Quite simply, kids enhance the experiences of life. To see the excitement and wonder expressed on their faces is wonderful. LOVE IT!!!

Best friends!

Nathan is growing so quickly. He was so excited to see the Easter bunny! (makes me more excited for Disneyland!) Last year we could not get Natalie away from the Easter bunny, this year we couldn't get her near him. :)

Our darling girl being coached through her egg hunt. So glad Daddy is a prepared egg hunter! He always has an egg in pocket to throw down in front of the kids (no broken hearts in his presence!).

Natalie was happy with the first egg, she just wanted the candy. It hasn't started to compute: more eggs = more candy.

Nathan graciously gave up eggs to the younger kids (honestly!)... he definitely exceeded the limit.

Getting a tatoo... just like his Papa!

Gagi's happy place, with a grandchild in her arms.

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