April 4, 2010

Easter dinner

Easter was a long holiday weekend for us this year, filled with so many wonderful experiences. The best part was helping Nathan to understand that all the celebrations were in honor of God. There is a lot more to explain to him as time goes on, but he is solid on the basics. He knows, and fully believes, that God made each of us just the way we are. It's very touching. And sometimes humorous. "Mommy, look at that purple car. Why is it purple? Is it because God made it that way?". "Yes Nathan, I suppose God did make it that way", sometimes I clarify and say that God gave us the choice to make it that way. But mostly I figure he has a lifetime ahead of him to get the specifics.

I've decided that I could give up the focus on candy that seems to overwhelm all holidays, but I wouldn't give up the time with friends and family.

Natalie knows where the good stuff is, she's a great "helper!"

We were so grateful for the guests who enhanced our Easter dinner. We always enjoy our time with the Spencers, and this year we were so excited that Amy and her mom joined us! It was so exciting that Amy wanted to join us even though Mike is in Australia. And what a treat to meet her mom!

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