April 15, 2010

Toys R Us

It's easy for my to admit, taking the kids to Toys R Us would never have been a choice for me. Just go to Toys R Us and hang out??? Who does that? Who risks the battle? It's all what you make of it. And my husband has no fear. He's a kid in a man's body. It sounded like a great idea for a play date on a rainy day. So a couple years ago (or maybe only one) we went there for nothing more than play time. And I must say, it went smoothly. It has gone smoothly every time we have gone (more than I can remember, I've even gotten used to it). I have grown to appreciate that our kids get to see so many things, and they don't throw a fit for us to buy something. It wasn't until recently that I think they even knew that we could buy something. Our famous words of influence? "If you're a good listener then we'll come back another day". So now when we go and Nathan wants to buy something we say "well, why don't you find some things that you can do to earn some money and then you can come back to get that". Lucky for us he only asks for simple things, and we make it easy for him to earn $$. If something costs $1, then he has to earn 4 quarters. If it costs $5 then he has to earn 5 $1's. I'm sure someday he'll catch on to this and we'll have to adjust. For now we appreciate how proud he is to earn money and make a purchase.

On our last trip I took a moment to appreciate how cute it is to watch my family walk together. It's fair to take a moment to point out that Natalie is in her "jammies". She would be in them every minute of every day if I let her. Which I do, sometimes.

If you drive by and see our car in the parking lot, you'll probably find us right here, at the train table. It's always the first and longest stop. Then it's off to the toys you can ride.

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