March 11, 2012

Nathan's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my oh-so-wonderful Nathan!!  I can't believe 6 years have passed already!!!

Nathan is such a compassionate boy, he is empathetic and caring towards others.  He is protective and helpful towards his siblings.  He loves to learn.  Right now he having fun learning about animals in Alaska, trains, and lots of cool biology trivia thanks to some Children's science books that we discovered from my childhood. 

It has been so fun to watch Nathan "grow up".  He throws out words and phrases that make him sound old, he is loving to build and compete obstacle courses, and he is having lots of fun challenging himself with tricks on his bike.  We're soaking up every moment of this special childhood that will be gone before I know it.
The kids get to pick their cake.  Nathan wanted "lemon cake, with lemon filling, with lemon frosting.  And a rainbow."  Not what I would have guessed.  We all loved it.

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