March 16, 2012

Natalie's 4th Birthday

Natalie's cake was completely different from Natahan's (which is nice since they are only 5 days apart). She had rich dark chocolate cake, filled with whipped frosting, and then topped with Bavarian malted chocolate frosting.  Yummy.  She wanted it decorated with a haunted house, a bat, a spider, and a ghost.  And then some pink sprinkles.  I think birthday cakes are going to continue to be super fun in our house. 
I think Natalie is extra excited for her birthday since she watches us celebrate Nathan only a few days before her.  I can't believe there are 4 candles already!!
Natalie is our sweet, head strong, curious, imaginative little girl.  She wants to learn everything that Nathan is doing.  But she is definitely her own person.  Happy to have alone time in her room, playing and imagining fun scenarios for hours.  She has wonderful emotional energy, we love all of it... the giggles and the cries.  I hope she continues to be a confident little girl who loves to follow her dreams.

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