March 31, 2012

Easter fun at the firestation

I feel like our years are starting to have an anticipated rhythm.  From one tradition to the next. I love it. I want to find new traditions to tuck into the spaces that are left open.
Enjoying the McLane Fire Department Easter egg hunt is a fun tradition.  Rain or shine.  And actually, when it rains it's almost more fun.  Almost.

Andrew is still learning the art to an egg hunt.  It was nice that he didn't have much competition this year.

Thankful for the help of grandparents.  Last year we had both sets, maybe we'll get lucky again next year.
Natalie got to hunt with Papo, Nathan got Gagi and Andrew and I had fun together.

The big kids had buckets that were overflowing with eggs.  Andrew was just happy to have eggs in his hands.  Once he learned that there was candy in the eggs he started wanting lots more ;)

Loving family time, missing Daddy.

Not a happy little boy.

So many fun things to do at the fire station.  Andrew was much happier with the real (and smaller) bunny.

It's so fun watching Nathan as he turns into a "big kid".  He's really able to appreciate and participate in new, fun activities.  And he's super sweet to his sister, inviting her along and encouraging her.

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