March 11, 2012

Love these kids!

Such a sweet girl.  
Andrew is so happy when he gets to play with one of the big kids.  These moments don't happen often, I loved just watching these two play together.  
He loves his big sister!!
Helping Mommy wash the car.  The bubbles kept Andrew entertained.  I'm not positive what possessed me to think it was a good idea.  I think it's because I'll be leaving for a couple days and I know Trever likes a clean car.  But it's still March... and it started hailing on us as we finished. 
Thank goodness for a warm water.  It makes the job much nicer in the cold weather.  Nathan was a super helper, putting LOTS of bubbles on the car so he could spray them off.  

I can't believe we're going to have 4 of these amazing kids running around soon.  
We go in for our ultrasound tomorrow!!!  

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What Am I Thinking said...

They ARE so beautiful. Love you guys. Thanks for this blog honey.