September 15, 2010

Nathans first day of Pre School

Nathan had his first day of school today! He had a huge support system with him.... Natalie and I took him to school, where Gagi and Papo, Bud and Grammy Carol (from Canada), and Uncle Steve and Aunt Carol (from Alaska) were waiting to greet us. Yep, this kids life is full of love!

We got to meet up with his buddy Logan before going in (my best friend, Marissa's son).
The sisters were excited to support their brothers. Eventually they will be in school together also.

Gettin' a bit of love in before leaving him for the morning. There wasn't anything even close to separation anxiety... he was so excited to be there. And so exhausted when I picked him up.

It's so touching to see these three boys together. Nathan, Luke Houk and Logan... At this point they are like cousins already. When we asked Nathan if he had friends at school he mentioned Luke and Logan. I hope they will be friends for years.

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