September 28, 2010

Day 2 at Disneyland!

It was fun to be at Disneyland with all of the Halloween decorations. I'm thinking we may have to try to make a really fun carved pumpkin this year ;)

Trever's signature self portrait
Wearing some cute Minnie ears. I love that our kids don't beg for much. Their were only two things that Nathan asked for while at Disneyland (other than going on more rides)... one of those BIG circle lollipops and some car at California Adventure. We totally forgot to go back and get the lollipop (he had asked for it at 9:45am), and he didn't mention it again. As far as the car, I wasn't involved in the conversation or he probably would have gotten it. Trever convinced him not to need it, I kind of feel bad about that one.

Mickey is planning to send them a book full of classic Disney stories, I'm excited for them to find it wrapped up in the mailbox and for all the reading sessions we'll be able to enjoy together.
We had to get a picture with the "N", I'm thinking this next baby should get a name with a letter that he/she can stand by...

Another old time firetruck, this one was pulled by a horse.

Trever and Nathan on Splash Mountain, they're in the back. Nathan LOVED all the rides. He was heartbroken to not be able to go on the big California Screamer roller coaster at California Adventure (obviously not a trait he gets from me). Can't wait until he is big enough to experience all the fun thrills!

Near the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Natalie LOVED seeing Tiger, unfortunately Trever had the camera so I didn't get a shot of them together. But we did get some with Pooh and Eeyore.

A definite highlight! Mater and Lightening McQueen! The main reason for making time to go to California Adventure was seeing the Cars characters. We enjoyed ourselves, and Nathan had a lot of fun riding the Grizzly Bear river (can't remember the actual name right now). The Pixar parade was great, probably the biggest highlight of Disneyland for me was watching Natalie say hi and goodbye to Woody (Toy Story) and Tigger (Tigger Bounce if you ask her). Her eyes lit up and she showed so much enthusiasm. Precious moments that go by too quickly. As the kids get older there will be SO much more/different fun to be had, but it was priceless to experience this with them at this age.

Natalie trying her best to cool off at lunch. Day 2 was much more comfortable. It was still in the 100's but there was a cloud layer so it felt less intense.

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