August 6, 2010

House pictures

We've moved!!! It's so nice being together as a family. The house is starting to feel settled, there are less boxes crowding each room as the days progress. I can't believe that we've been working toward this goal for 2 years... it's so nice to appreciate our efforts. The absolute best part about this house is waking up as a family each day, and knowing that we get to spend the majority of our days together. There is plenty left to do, we're chipping away at the list each day.

As soon as the island went in Trever wanted to order pizza and throw a party! We're up for visitors anytime!!! I'm not actually sure the island has been this clear since this picture was taken :)

Giving a little perspective. Both of us fit on the island... although it has given Trever a bit of stress I'm sure there is an island dance party in the future.

Ahh, the backyard and patio. I LOVE having such a big, simple back yard. The kids have hours of fun running around and playing together. Next summer I'm sure we'll have a volleyball court set up. Our life saver has been the patio. The Spencers came down for a weekend and the goal was to clean the patio and living room... THANK YOU!!!! We got it cleaned off (somehow that makes the work Beth and I did sound simple... it wasn't) and immediately enjoyed some dinner, a little bonfire with smores, and snuggled with the kids on the couch and warm drinks in the morning.
I should find a picture with the doors before they were painted... what a difference! I should also find a picture from the Street of Dreams house. We fell in love with this house 4 years ago, although we shrunk the house down and simplified some parts, I think it still holds the aspects that we loved. Especially the front door, the stair system and the color palette. Someday we'll have some beautiful artwork, and family pictures to finish the transformation from house to home.

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Riccobenes... said...

SOOOOO beautiful! You guys have worked so hard for so long and it is amazing!!!