July 14, 2010

Lakefair fun

Lakefair is a highlight for my summer. I think I start to look forward to it in May. It has everything to do with knowing how much fun my kids will have anticipating and enjoying the rides. This year we missed the fireworks but I hope that doesn't happen often, they are one of my favorite parts of the whole week.

Natalie's first ride! I wasn't sure she would be tall enough, and to be honest I don't think she really was, but two different operators let her go on the rides :) thank you kind people!!!

Our little climber watching the bumper cars.

Nathan loves EVERY ride. I think he is so brave! I'm worried for the day he asks me to join him on the bigger rides! Ahh, I'll have to face my fears!

Together on the firetruck ride. Natalie's face says so much, all that love for her big brother and the pride of being able to join him.

Our family... next year it will be bigger. :)

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Em said...

=) Your kids are so precious. I hope you are all well. The house looks great! Congrats. And does that last line mean another little one is on the way? Blessings, Em