May 12, 2010

One of those moments

This is just one of those moments I was so glad to capture. The kids actually obliged me when I said "wait a minute" and ran for the camera... then they hammed it up. Trever was at work, I really meant to send this picture to him. Who couldn't miss those kiddos?

PS. This picture shows the end of the rash that Nathan had on his cheeks due to a viral infection (we got blood taken today to see if we could determine if it was Mono).
This is typical Natalie... she's in PJ's (it's probably late afternoon but she rarely wants out of them) and she's sittin' on the potty. Love that girl. She has done SO AWESOME with the potty training. Only a few accidents and she even sleeps without a diaper. Although she is definitely trying to work the system, as she gets into bed she says "potty! potty!". I'm on to her, I just tell her she can go in the morning when she wakes up. Chalk up a win for me (have to take credit for those since she is often a step ahead of me).

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