May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

I told Trever that I had finally figured out the perfect Mother's Day. For right now it would be waking up to a clean house, having the house magically stay clean most of the day (some clutter would be fine, but then it would be cleaned up without my labor or prompting), all meals would be decided and made by someone else (or I could make the decisions and *help* with prep the day before, and really I love to cook, so maybe he could just clean up and watch the kids). The kids could spend part of the morning going for a walk with my parents as is the tradition. I could use that time to sleep, read, take a bath. Then we would go for some type of family walk that afternoon. Right now I'm adding that it would probably be nice to cuddle and watch a movie with Trev at the end of the day ... when of course the dishes were already done.

Trever's response? So, you're saying we need a house cleaner, baby sitter and take out?? I love that man. This obviously wasn't the year to get my wish list, especially since Trever wasn't even home until late morning and my parents were out of town most of the day. But I am married to the most amazing man and I know that he will make every effort to always make Mother's Day very special. He is so nurturing of me as a woman and supportive of me as a mom.

In the end it really doesn't matter to me how we spend the day and how messy the house stays. I feel honored as a mother every day... with love from Nathan, Natalie and Trever. It's so common to hear Nathan say "Do you know I love you and like you?" or "I love you and like you all of the time", and that does not diminish how special I feel when I hear those words.

This is what happens when a Daddy is on the playground with the kids. Really??? I have a hard time imagining the mom that helps her son climb onto the top of the roof of the play structure. I'm so glad that Trever is around to give his influence.

I know this picture went into a different post.. but I felt it deserved another glance. I love that girl. She is so full of love and giggles. I read recently that a second child (and any thereafter) fills the space that is left open. Nathan is more serious... Natalie is definitely more playful. She LOVES to cuddle, is chatty when Nathan isn't around, wants to be a dare devil, and generally fills our hearts with her energy and emotion.

Although Natalie will play with dolls, and we thought for a short time that she really liked them, she is definitely a car, truck and train girl. Using her whole hand to push away her hair is something I will miss seeing when she grows up.

My buddy, my "partner". Trever asks him to help take care of Mommy and Natalie when he is away. Nathan takes this job very seriously, Nathan really takes all guidelines seriously. He is so proud of himself when he is able to do something to take care of us, and I just want to explode with my joy and pride. I hope we are raising a man, one who knows how to show respect and compassion, who can stand up for what is right, who honors God, one who believes it is "manly" to give love and joy.

I love where we live.

I suddenly understand why Trever thinks a jean jacket is so cute. She is growing into a little girl so quickly!!

We ended the day with dinner at my parents house. The house was fairly clean, and I didn't think much about the meals. Even in our crazy stage of life, Trever still meets my needs. Have I mentioned how much I love that man???

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