May 23, 2010

"Auntie" Jenna

Before Nathan was born Jenna mentioned that she wanted to be an Auntie... and she fits the title well. You never know why life is changing, but it's nice to find the silver lining. Jenna is recently single, and we are loving all the extra time that we get to spend with her.

Natalie loves to have an extra lap around. She kept running and getting more books to read.

Another night Jenna painted the kids toe nails. Natalie is obsessed with getting her toes painted, love it!

Nathan even got to join in on the fun. I want to be relaxed, I thought I was... but it was very strange to see his toes red. We decided that next time we'll paint his black or silver. When he was with the doctor he proudly showed his toes and then said "my sister has PINK".

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