November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

We enjoyed some trick or treating at the Griffin Fall Festival.  The kids played in the bouncy houses, loaded up on candy, made some crafts and played some games.  The organizers really do a great job.

Natalie was walking ahead of us at one point.  She walked into the hallway and found herself alone for about 30 seconds.  There was something heartbreaking and comforting at the same time when I saw the panic cross her face.  It's horrible to see the fear, but I'm glad she doesn't like to stray too far away.  She was upset that she didn't have her whistle, so we made sure she had it for Halloween night.  She kept it around her wrist, whistle held in her fingers ready to blow at any moment.  Only twice did we see her start to use it, both times we were within feet of her.  Now when we're going into a store or around people she quickly asks to hold hands.  I'm glad she knows how to keep herself comfortable, and I know this stage will pass.

Scary Zach!!  Scary and completely gross... very gross.

We love trick or treating with the Houks.  I think we've been with them every year, love it!

The skeleton band that walked along the streets in the Historic District.

We let the kids binge on candy during Halloween night.  After that it goes away.  It's actually kind of fun to watch them get excited and not  to argue about what they are eating.  A friend just gave me the idea to have them trade the rest in for a toy.  She said her kids pick out the toy before Halloween and they are so excited to trade their candy for it, what a great idea.
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Lucy Lu said...

I love the idea about trading the toy in! After that, what do you do with the candy?