November 19, 2011

My darlings

I don't think I could have imagined how blessed we would feel with these 3 kids.  How did we get so lucky?

They are each so different.  I've heard that each kid takes the space/personality that is still available.  It seems to be true, each child has developed into a role that was previously not taken.

They are also so alike.  Each of them filled with an ability to give love, to be kind to each other, to work so well within the framework of our family.  They each LOVE the outdoors (although with a different level of need to be outside).

I am so blessed to be a Mama to these kids, and they know it.  I'm so thankful that they are confident in our love for them, they tell me I am blessed.  They hear me tell them and they believe me, that feels amazing to me.

We have a quiet house, I want to remember that it's important to also turn the music up loud and let loose with them.  Dance parties are good for the soul!

I pray each day that I am able to see what their individual needs are, what their individual strengths are, and work to take care of them and help them grow.  I pray that I am constantly learning about them and growing with them.

I want to remember to focus on each of them independently as often as possible.  I think it's wonderful to have that quiet time together, and I always feel like the child in front of me is my "favorite" at that moment.  I feel a bit guilty until I realize that I feel the same way about each of them.  They are each my favorite!  They are so endearing for who they are, again... We are SO blessed!!!

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